Y. Bhg. Dato Sri LTC Alif Aiman Abdullah is the Chief Executive Officer, and was born in 1959, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has several academic qualifications from a PhD in Oriental History (Honorary) to an MBA, a BBA and 2 Diplomas. He specializes in Brand Marketing in the civilian world and has worked in over 5 countries in a number of market leading multi nationals.

LTC Aiman served as Head of Program to the Royal Malaysian Armed Forces Unarmed Combat Institute, where he had aggressively headed the development of a (basic) military self-defense system (Close Quarter Combat, (or Tempur Tanpa Senjata HapKiDo) from 1993 to 1999. Training was also extended on special request to various individuals from U.S. Army Special Forces (SF), Special Operations Forces (Rangers) and Airborne units (82nd, 101st and the JFKSWC). He received Army goodwill cross training at both Ft Benning and Ft Bragg during 1993 to 1999.

LTC Aiman was honored by an invitation to join the KWTA in December 2006. The KWTA is the official research and training arm for the ROKA Special Forces and Presidential Secret Service. Their specialty is in Anti-Terrorist First Response via the 707th Special Missions Battalion

Honorary Military Qualifications include: Master Parachutist; Master HALO; Pathfinder; Expert Infantry Badge; Ranger; Special Forces; Joint Special Operations Command. Aiman held the acting rank of Leftenant Colonel before retiring in 1999.

He started training in TaeKwonDo in 1970 and is currently ranked as 8th Dan in both WTF TaeKwonDo ChungDoKwan and HapKiDo SungMooKwan. From 1984 to 1985 he was appointed as Senior Instructor of the Royal Malaysian Para-Military (Polis Pasukan Hutan) Police. The unit was routinely used against anti-communist insurgents via 'search and destroy' sweeps in dense jungle areas.

In 2008, LTC Aiman received a special personal endorsement from none other than Sheikh Muhammad Alawi al-Maliki, a noted key Islamic religious leader based in Mecca. The Sheikh was very encouraged by Aiman's interest in promoting Tactical Combat and Security Programs internationally, especially into Islamic countries