Tony is the designated Executive Officer (XO) or Deputy Chief Operations Officer of KOMA™. He has been trained in the martial arts from the tender age of 9, starting off in Wing Chun kung-fu and trained by his father who was a well-known martial arts exponent in his time. Tony is currently ranked as 4th Dan in HapKiDo and 5th Dan in HoSinSool.

Tony is Airborne qualified having successfully completed an (Airborne) jump program under the Canadian Armed Forces in Ontario, Canada with 25 static-line jumps to his credit. He has attended several military training programs sponsored by the Thai Marine Recon Forces, including jump refresher courses and basic courses in MOUT (military operations in urban terrain) and CQB (close-quarters battle).

Currently based in Bangkok, Thailand and working as the CEO of a large multi-national telecommunications engineering firm, he spends his spare time in the civilian sports of shooting and air-soft survival games.