Ustaz Lili Yulyadi ( Islamic Affairs Advisor )


Lili Yulyadi Bin Arnakim is a committee member of the Islamic Economic Forum for Indonesian Development (ISEFID) and a member of Editorial Board of ISEFID Review, the annual journal of ISEFID. He is among the pioneers who taught Islamic Financial Planning in both Malaysia and Indonesia and an authorized lecturer for Islamic Banking and Finance in Singapore. Yulyadi received his first degree with honors in Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (majoring in Fiqh Wa Usuluhu / Shari’ah), from the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). The next year he received a double degree with honors in Political Science, and obtained his Masters Degree in Political Science in 2001.

While in the final year of his Masters, he served as a graduate assistant in the Department of Political Science, IIUM. In mid 2000, he was recruited to be a Manager of the IIUM Endowment Fund, IIUM. At the same time, he was appointed as a teacher of Islamic studies at the International Islamic School, a subsidiary of the IIUM. He also served on a number of several committees such as IIUM Financial Loans, Bazar Ramadhan, IIUM Staff Ibadah Camp, and finally as Chairman of the Kafalah project.

In 2003, he joined the PhD program at the Department of International and Strategic Studies, University of Malaya. He is now completing his PhD dissertation entitled “The Impact of Islamic Awakening on Indonesian Foreign Policy, 1993-2004”.

He has since been appointed as an advisor for Islamic Financial Planners in IARFC (International Association of Registered Financial Consultant, Jakarta). Academically he has lectured in several subjects, namely Western Political Thought, Ideology and Social Change, International Relations Theory, Politics and Governments in Southeast Asia, and Fiqh for Economist for undergraduates at UIN and IISIP and for (postgraduate program) Strategic and Defense Studies at the University of Indonesia (UI). He concurrently serves as a visiting lecturer at the Department of Southeast Asian Studies, UM, and has been appointed as co-editor for the Borneo Research Journal and the Journals of the Department of Southeast Asian Studies. He has been invited as a guest lecturer at the Malaysian Armed Force Staff College (MTAT) since 2008. He has written many book reviews and articles on Islam and Politics, as well as Economics, especially in Islamic Financial Planning, and been involved in several research projects including the field research on The Impact of the Southern Thai Conflict on the Cohesiveness of Southeast Asian Nations.