ONN, Chin-Kin ( ICT Security Consultant )


Chin Kin Onn has been in the ICT industry since 1991, and has experience in ICT security for 11 years from 1997 to 2008, at all levels. He has been involved in projects securing data transmissions from networks to mobiles using various encryption technologies, and vice versa, physical and logical/ digital access control. He has also been involved in the setting up of a secure personalization centre for Gemplus in Kuala Lumpur, passing security, fraud and risk audits from MasterCard, Visa, HSBC (Hong Kong), Bank Negara, MEPS, and many more banks. This centre involves secure data transmission, secure data encryption and embedding of such data into integrated circuit cards, as well as the management of secure but transient data in a data centre, and the setting up of a Demilitarized Zone to ensure the "integrity & pristineness" of the data to be stored and used by the personalization facility.This also involves further secure logistics processes for the distribution of such bank cards.

Kin Onn has also firsthand experience in handling a breach in integrated circuit cards security when hackers and crackers managed to devise a method of "listening" To the transmissions between the cards and the readers. This was coined as Differential Power Analysis, and we promptly handled it by first scrambling transmissions between card and reader, then introducing a new chip (hardware) mask and software mask to thwart this new DPA and HADPA challenge to the technology. He was also involved in many transportation projects and secure (trusted) infrastructure projects.